Life Saver Storm Shelters

Where will you go when Severe Weather Threatens?

Standard features include:

- Heavy duty fiberglass construction
- Multi-point door locking system
- Gas-assist struts for easy door opening
- Water-tight door seal and screened vents
- Non-skid steps / handrail / carpeting
- Lifetime Warranty
Quality Craftsmanship, durability, and a peace of mind for you and your loved ones, a price you can afford.

Available Models:

Storm-Tek LS4
(48” L X 60”W X 62 H Seats 4)
Storm-Tek LS6
(81” L X 60”W X 58 H Seats 6)
Storm-Tek LS8
(80”L X 65”W X 73”H Seats 8)
Slope 8 person
(9.5”L x 6’W X 6.5””H)
Storm-Tek LS10
(102”L X 78”W X 70”H Seats 10)
Storm-Tek LS12
(98”L X 79”W X 72”H Seats 12)
Hillside 12 person
(6”L x 8”W X 6.5”H)
Storm-Tek LS20
(178”L X 79”W X 70”H Seats 20)

Safe Rooms

- Engineered to withstand an F5 Tornado
- Bullet resistant to most handguns
- Undergone extensive testing
- Can withstand 50 tons of weight
- Available in many different sizes
- Easy entry with optional dead bolt
- Easily installed in as little as an hour
- Manufactured in the USA All of our shelters and components are fully engineered, exceed FEMA 320 and the National Storm Shelter Association performance criteria for storm shelters and have been succesfully tested by the Texas Tech Wind Science & Engineering Center and a member of the American Tornado Shelter Association.

We are now manufacturing All Weather Safe rooms.

These are available in many standard (4x4 up to 12x100) .

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