What about Ag Water Management

Ag Water Management is a farm drainage contractor that is dedicated to improving your fields. We provide timely services and stand behind our finished product. By using Modern Drainage Technology we are able to get your job done faster and more efficient while still ensuring quality.


  • Laterals
    • 3 Inch Tile
    • 4 Inch Tile
    • 6 Inch Tile
  • Mains
    • Single Wall 4” to 12”
    • Dual Wall 6” to 36”
  • Outlets and Risers
  • Lift Station
  • Subsurface Irrigation
  • RTK Mapping and Design
  • Farm Drainage Systems
  • Self-Propelled Plow and Wheel Machine
  • Backhoe and Excavator Work
  • Storm Shelter Installation


Why Ag Water Management?


  • Professionally Surveyed with Trimble RTK Equipment
  • Designed specifically for your fields in order to get maximum yield potential while removing the access water quickly
  • Installed professionally with the proper equipment needed to do the job right
  • Backed by Ag Water Management and have a Manufactures Warranty as well
  • Increase your Yields, Profit, and Land Value

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