What farm drainage can do for your fields?

  • Balance the air in the soil profile
  • Maximize workability of fields
  • Reduction in Compaction
  • Earlier planting dates
  • Deeper Healthier Root Growth
  • Increase the effectiveness of fertilizer
  • Decrease the risk of flooding
  • Allow for a longer growing season
  • Prevent heavy soil erosion
  • Increase your Land Value


Reduce Crop Loss Risk

With today’s high input cost, the farmer today must reduce the risk of crop loss. According to research experts, the number one factor that affects crop yield is drainage. Drainage can increase crop production up to 50% verses farms without it. An increase in crop production means an increase in revenue. When soil is tiled, the improved drainage creates a deeper plant root zone. Simply by forcing the plants to have more developed roots, the plants then can more effectively absorb more nutrients and water.

Ag Water Management

Ag Water Management